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Welcome to JEditing!

We offer proofreading and copy editing services to ensure your project is clean and ready for presentation. From basic spelling and grammar corrections to helping you perfectly phrase your thoughts, we strive to smooth the edges and return to you a beautifully polished final product.

At JEditing we understand that time is money, so all projects are handled with utmost professionalism and strict adherence to deadlines. Whether you need an entire manuscript proofed or simply want a second set of eyes to go over a memo, we are here for you. With competitive rates and the ability to take on any project big or small, JEditing has the services you need.




About Us

JEditing LLC is a freelance proofreading and copy editing service. Our proofreading corrects any basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, while our copy editing goes beyond that to aid in word choice and clarify language, phrasing, style, etc. Advanced copy editing can also be requested for an additional fee. All projects are handled via email, website, and US mail/UPS/FedEx, so location is a nonissue. For those projects done electronically, Microsoft Word editing tools will be used for all corrections and revisions; comment boxes and highlighted text will show changes in any Microsoft PowerPoint files. For hard copy projects, standard proofreading marks will be employed.

Excellent grammatical skills, meticulous attention to detail, and pride in knowing that we have helped you to the best of our abilities combine to give you the error-free result you desire. We also pledge that no matter how many alterations we may make, your personal touch will always continue to shine through. We will never turn your work into our work.


Rates & Pricing

By the Hour:

** We keep scrupulous records for billing. You are not charged for breaks of any sort, and time logs are always available to you upon request. Projects are billed to the nearest quarter hour.

For any hard copy projects, you will pay all applicable shipping costs. Please include either an addressed, postage-paid envelope or UPS/FedEx shipping label, or we will bill you at cost for return shipping.

All projects will be invoiced as “due upon receipt”, with payment expected within 5-7 business days after you receive the invoice. If your company’s accounts payable policies differ from that invoicing convention, we are happy to discuss other payment arrangements before accepting your work. PayPal is our preferred payment method, but we do have flexibility in certain circumstances.

We will retain a copy of our work done for you for a minimum of 6 months, either electronically or hard copy, at no extra cost.

Please contact us for by-the-page rates if a project needs to be billed as such.



Website redesign (DDC FPO)

Website content (Rautech Solutions)

Corporate brochures (DDC FPO, DDC Vault, DDC Host)

Print articles (Profiles in Excellence, pg. 11-14)